The Royalton Speech Team would like to send out a Roaring THANK YOU to everyone who helped us reach our fundraising goal in the 2011 Speech Season!

A very special thanks to:

Coborn's Superstore in Little Falls, for donating the buns and Coborn's Signature Hot Dogs for our Sub-section Concessions Stand

Primary Benefit Services in Little Falls, for donating all of their many aluminum cans between January and April

The Teachers at Royalton High for setting their cans aside for the students to come and collect

The students who set their pride aside and dove, head-first, into some pretty questionable trash cans - all in search of the aluminum!


We look forward to the fundraising next year!  Our goal is a bit steeper - $1,680!  I know we can do it!  Collect those cans!  We need approximately 40,320 cans to meet our goal.  I wish you the best of Luck!

We are going to see the fast-movin', totally grovin', be-boppin' musical, Hairspray, at the Chanassen Dinner Theatre.