Royalton Baseball Team Handbook 


Team Rules
The coach at the Varsity and JV level will have certain rules that apply to the team he is coaching. The following team rules apply to all participants in the baseball program. 

1. At all times RHS baseball players will conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the integrity of our school. This includes on the field and off. 


Depending on the severity of the offense, or previous infractions, the coach will use his discretion when deciding the appropriate consequence. The consequences will be:

A. Sitting out part of a game
B. Sitting out a whole game
C. Removal from the team

2. All RHS baseball players shall treat any member of the coaching staff with respect. These adults are trying their hardest to teach the game of baseball, the ethics of competition, and good sportsmanship. The coach will use his discretion for any infractions.

3. All RHS baseball players are expected to be at EVERY practice and EVERY game. 

•Any missed practices or matches, without notifying the coach will be considered unexcused. 

•If the athlete is absent from school the entire day, notifying the coach in NOT required. 

•If the athlete leaves school early due to illness, medical appointment, funeral, etc., the athlete must inform the coach by calling him directly, informing the AD, or telling another member of the coaching staff. 

•Having a friend or team member inform the coach is not acceptable. 

•Work is also not an acceptable excuse.


Unexcused absence will result in loss of playing time. The coach will use his discretion when deciding how severe the amount of playing time will be lost.

4. All RHS baseball players are required to ride the bus to and from away events. Parents, and parents only, may bring their son home after a game. If a player needs to ride home with anyone other than a parent, prior permission must be given in written form by the High School Principal.

5. Eligibility-The MSHSL and the Royalton School Board have set rules and consequences regarding alcohol/tobacco use and academic eligibility requirements. Please refer to the student handbook for these rules and consequences. 

6. Any issue that a player, parent, fan or anyone else has with a coach should contact the coach first to resolve the issue. If not satisfied with the results, then you should contact the Activities Director. 

7. RHS baseball players will wear their hats right, tuck in their shirts and look like a classy baseball team. We encourage the players to look like a team at all times, this includes no jewelry or long hair to be worn at practice or during competition.

Lettering Criteria
Any member of the varsity team that is a good team player who contributes on the field and off will letter for the season. Junior Varsity players who come up to contribute on Varsity are also eligible to letter. The coach will use his discretion when deciding if the player deserves the letter. 
Team Placement
This is very simple. The best player will play at the varsity and JV level. We are in the business of trying to be the best team we can be, and be as competitive as we can, while continuing to develop athletes. The coach will use his discretion to decide who these players are from game to game.

Program Goals

1. Have fun
2. Work hard
3. Each year try to leave the program a little better than we found it.
4. Continue to work to develop as athletes and young adults and to learn together. 
5. Be a team player
6. Be competitive year in and year out!
7. Be good citizens and treat teammates well
8. Be well respected as a program.