Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball is a program dedicated to its youth players to enhance all levels of the game including sportsmanship, skills, rules and dedication. Teams consist of 8-10 players to provide adequate amount of playing time and one-on-one attention from your coach. 

You will find the JO Cost and Team Try-Out Information for the 2012-13 season attached below. There is also a membership form that would need to be filled out following Try-Outs if you are placed on a team. We have made a few changes as to how the program will be run this year. Gail Olson has accepted the position as Club Director; Judy Duevel as the Treasurer; and Shaina Gottwalt as Team Spokesperson. If you have any questions, you can contact either one of these individuals or head coach, Trisha Spencer.

Gail Olson:
Judy Duevel:
Shaina Gottwalt:
Trisha Spencer:


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2012-2013 Info
Please print this form and bring along to Try-Outs.
Membership Form
Must be filled out and completed by Monday, November 19th.