Hello all Royal football followers!

I am sure that most of you have had your calendars marked for March 21st for the 5th Annual Alumni Football Bean Bag Tourney. If you are unaware, this event has turned out to be one of football program’s main fundraisers as the money that is generated is used to purchase much needed supplies and equipment. As most of you are aware, the high school athletic supply budgets were cut by 20% for each individual sport. This has been a challenge for the football program because football is the most financially weighted sport at RHS. Here are a few numbers that will put this in perspective.
                                    Cost to outfit one 9-12 football player:
-          New Helmet- $215.00
-          Shoulder pads- $80.00
-          Girdle/thigh pads- $25.00
-          Practice Jerseys and Pants- $35.00
-          Game Jersey and Game Pants- $210.00
The costs above are to just to make them eligible to play. We have not included blocking dummies, linemen boards, footballs, travel bags, equipment kits, food/snacks for travel dates, coach’s headsets, field paint, down markers, I think you get the idea. The point I am trying to make is the football coaching staff has been very frugal with their district allocated budget and have used their fundraiser dollars to make up the difference. This past year, of our total spending on supplies and equipment, the coaching staff spent more in fundraiser dollars than the district’s allotted football supply budget! Thank you to all who helped and supported our fundraiser events!
Now picture this; last year there were 45 Junior High football players, 24 of whom were 8thgraders. We had 11 seniors this past year on the 2011 squad. This coming fall, the outlook is to have 11 seniors and 21 8th graders. In the past we usually purchased 6-8 helmets every other year. As you can tell, we could approach the 60+ 9-12 participants within two years and possibly in the 70’s when those large elementary classes get to the high school building. We are quite excited about this.
I bet you are thinking, now how can I help out. Well, we are always looking for 2-person teams to participate in the Bean Bag Tourney. We are also having a silent auction so if you have anything you would like to donate or have access to other resources, please feel free to contact me at 320-420-6640.
I hope to see you and your friends on the March 21st at the                                                Royalton American Legion.
Thank you,
Nick Lanners